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Nutrition, Health, Care

Genetically modified organisms, biotechnology, the decoding of the human genome, gene therapy, prenatal diagnostics and findings in the field of gerontology entail social, ethical and economic challenges that focus the debate on developments that will provide a breeding ground for conflict in the future. This has far-reaching implications for governments, companies and institutions.

Food that is "tolerated" (a term induced by the advocacy of social and ethical responsibility), preventive medicine, early diagnosis of disease, and care of the sick and elderly are increasingly be­coming the object of a controversial social debate about resources, markets, structures, responsibil­ity for decisions and the framework for individual life in the future.

Companies and entrepreneurs whose business models are affected cannot ignore the debate and its implications if they want to continue to operate successfully in the long term. On the contrary, they need to redefine their formative role and take appropriate action – either proactively or defensively.