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Natural Resources Preservation Technologies

The Natural Resources Preservation Technologies segment takes a cross-sector approach. It advises companies and institutions with products, ser­vices and business activities that are said to have considerable impact on the environment and resources. By that, we do not primarily mean a detrimental impact. We mean that attention is focus­ed on them in the present ecological debate or that they have special know-how that could re­duce pressure on the environment or resources.

Relevant companies include those in the recycling industry, both traditional recycling and the fashionable form of "urban mining". Also relevant are companies that focus on renewable energy technology to reduce pressure on fossil fuels, technologies and systems to enhance the effi­ciency of power stations, the productivity of energy, and energy storage technologies as well as suppliers of agricultural and fishing technologies that reduce pressure on land and stocks, and technologies and processes geared to ensuring that soil, water and air are not contaminated, ­waste water treatment and the treatment of contaminated biospheres.

Renewable resources and green tech are relatively new sectors characterized by rapid change in regulatory, economic, institutional and legal conditions and pressure for consolidation. We advise companies on M&A transactions that are designed either to implement growth and consolidation strategies or to gain strategic partners. We also bring investors, financers, producers, designers, developers and key knowledge bearers together.