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Climate Change Impact Coping Technologies & Strategies

What can a country do if it is sinking into the ocean? How can governments protect inhabitants of low-lying coastal areas? What agricul­tural technologies could be developed to counter­act the erosion of arable land, the rising frequency of drought and desertification? What technol­ogies and other measures offer economically feasible and socially acceptable ways of counter­ing the adverse impact of extreme weather conditions on agriculture, the food chain, housing, zoning, economic production and how people live?

We believe that in future, social debate, tech­nological development and economic endeavor will need to focus to a far greater extent on ways of adapting human life and general social con­ditions to the dramatic changes in environmental conditions.

In our view, climate risks that are already identi­fiable will also give rise to opportunities in major new markets, especially for the capital goods industry. The Climate Change Impact Coping Technologies & Strategies segment at Metzler Corporate Finance helps companies and institutions take advantage of these emergent developments by aligning their business portfolios accordingly.