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Networks, Grids & Clouds

The Networks, Grids & Clouds segment is focus­ed on the digital economy, tomorrow‘s networks and the companies and organizations that devel­op, shape, build, finance, own and regulate these networks.

Smart grids and intelligent networks are gaining a central place both in the power sector in connection with the shift to renewable energies and in new transport networks. They are becoming a multi-billion euro market. In almost all areas of business and society, the digital economy and smart networks will bring revolutionary changes and new business models, perhaps even new models of society. At the same time, they will cause us to question many of our traditional business models.

Increasing volumes of data are now stored in "the cloud" rather than on corporate servers, personal PCs, tablet computers or smartphones. The emer­gence of cloud computing is changing the entire world of IT and opening up new prospects for suppliers and users. At the same time, it is challenging old habits and assumed certainties. Data security and informational self-determina­tion on the one hand and demands for transparency and the risks and benefits of network-based communication and marketing on the other are confront­ing companies with completely new and imme­diate challenges. We provide custom-tailored M&A advisory services and assist clients in complex structural, regulatory and financial issues.