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Equity advisory, capital market advisory

Our services include advising clients on reorga­nizing their partnership structure, strengthening their equity base and exploiting opportunities for growth. Our extensive international network of contacts to industrial companies, private equity investors and family offices is used as a basis for restructuring and arranging for stakes to be taken by suitable equity investors and partners.

Using our extensive experience of the capital markets, especially the equity market, and our direct access to major institutional investors, we can advise our clients on all aspects of equity financing via the capital markets and appropriate capital market communication.

Metzler does not engage in financial trading for its own account, nor does it participate in issuing or placement syndicates. However, we do offer our institutional clients extensive, independent capital market research and equity execution services. Since we have no conflicts of interest, we can act as a neutral and thus independent advisor for IPOs, capital increases, takeover bids for public companies and the acquisition of significant stakes. Our pool of experts, combined with the Metzler Group‘s infrastructure, means that we can integrate the acquisition and divestment of large or small equity packets either via the stock market or OTC into our advice. We can also take on the role of tender agent in public tender offers.