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Metzler Corporate Finance

Independent transaction advice "made in Germany"

We help our clients overcome barriers – to shape lasting relationships and sustainable solutions

"I never think about the future. It comes soon enough."
Geniuses like Albert Einstein may be able to allow themselves a luxury like that, but our clients in the corporate finance business can’t. Regardless of which of our services interest them – capi­tal markets advisory, fiduciary so­lutions, M&A transactions or other complex and confidential business matters – entrepreneurs and managers have to keep the future of their company firmly in mind at all times.

And so do we as their advisors: adopting a foresighted, holistic approach and leaving behind conventional wisdom is key for decision-makers, who have to deal appropriately with the risks and opportunities of the increasingly rapid pace of change. The constantly rising pressure to change and adapt in our complex, networked world translates into a continuous need for companies to respond to new and more demanding chal­leng­es. Business models, markets, projects, processes and products that are currently “state of the art” may be obsolete tomorrow. We aim to help our clients transform today’s success into a promising future. We build bridges to new markets, for example, by offering judicious advice on acquisitions and divestments.

Our goal is to assist our clients in considering com­plementary perspectives and standpoints. Metzler’s maxim is thinking ahead as a source of sustainable solutions, rather than looking backwards. The overall picture sharpens insight into key directions for successful companies.

We work exclusively in our clients' interests
At Metzler, sustainability is not simply a transient marketing gimmick. We have a track record that goes back more than 300 years. When we talk about sustainability and responsibility we really do know what we are talking about. We consistently strive to build long-term relationships with our clients on the basis of trust.

Therefore, we deliberately refrain from activities that could give rise to conflicts of interest and ­interfere with our goal of providing independent advice focused entirely on the needs of our clients. Consequently, we do not engage in private equity activities or equity trading for our own ­account. Similarly, we do not take part in issuing or placement syndicates, nor do we engage in traditional lending business.

Overcoming barriers via a holistic approach
Our corporate finance advisory services are ­aligned to four key strategic areas. In this way, ­we aim to overcome ingrained ways of thinking in conventional sector boundaries:

Our Corporate Finance team focuses on consult­ing and transaction-related services for aspects of market and corporate structure as well as institutional, regulatory and societal issues relating to strategic sustainability and resilience.

A key aspect of this type of strategy-conscious transaction consulting is that we work with our clients to identify and document links between processes and content. These are then used to explore the implications for the development of the client’s company. At the heart of the Metzler Mind-Mapping concept is our employ­ees’ exper­tise, which enables them to talk to ­clients at their own level. At the same time, their remit includes making sure that the overall procedure is in the client’s interests. In our view, simply providing experts to work alongside the experts in the industry is not sufficient.

Our services are rooted in independence, market insight and transactions experience

Our consulting and other services comprise ­advice on mergers and acquisitions and capital market transactions, fiduciary solutions, struc­turing investments in other businesses, complex ­financing issues and other confidential business matters.

Our Mergers & Acquisitions team offers cus­tomers support in acquisitions and divestments, MBOs, MBIs, mergers and the establishment of joint ventures. In addition, we advise clients on i­nsolvency issues and in the area of distressed M&As, especially in dealing with administrators, creditors‘ committees, fiduciary agents and restructuring.

Our Capital Markets Advisory team assists clients in investments with other enterprises, includ­ing takeover offers and squeeze-outs, initial and secondary public offerings, and strategic issues such as equity advisory and defensive strategies. For issues relating to equity market transactions, we often utilize the extensive market and ana­ly­t­ical knowledge of our colleagues in Metzler’s Equities division.

Fiduciary and Investment Structuring develops customized concepts for our clients, for example, to meet anti-trust requirements or structure equity investments.

Alongside transaction financing, our Financial Advisory business focuses on tapping into new sources of financing outside the banking sector. Often, the underlying strategic objective is to place financing on a broader basis.