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Metzler Evaluation and Screening of Corporate Earnings

What is the MESCOR® - Webclient?
Who can register for MESCOR® - Webclient?
How can I get MESCOR® - Webclient?
MESCOR® Support

What is MESCOR®?
The MESCOR® - Webclient is a comprehensive software tool for company and stock analysis. MESCOR® offers on-line access to:

  • current stock recommendations of Metzler Equity Research
  • an extensive database of covered companies, for instance
    - performance ratios
    - balance sheet figures
    - profit & loss figures
    - cash flow figures
    - holdings
  • detailed profit & loss estimates
  • charts
  • Excel export
  • and more

Who can register for MESCOR®?
Corporate customers of Metzler Equities can have access to Metzler on-line services such as MESCOR® - Webclient. Metzler Equities is a division of B. Metzler seel. Sohn & Co.

How can I get MESCOR®?
If you have not yet registered for MESCOR® but you, as a corporate customer, are interested in Metzler Equities on-line services, then please fill out the following registration form.

As soon as you have applied and been authorized for the MESCOR® - Webclient, we will send you your login data via email

Your contact person at Metzler Equities will be pleased to give you further information

MESCOR® Support
If you have any general questions about MESCOR®, please get in touch with your usual contact person at Metzler Equities..

If you have any technical questions, please call
Tel. +49 (0) 69 - 21 04 - 3 77
Or mail us at: