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Services and products of Metzler Equity Research

MESCOR®- The Company Database of Metzler Equity Research
MESCOR® is the extensive and detailed database for our company universe. MESCOR® includes the complete rendering of accounts of each company as well as extensive ratio and valuation analysis covering 10 years of company history - when available. For the current as well as for the two future years MESCOR® contains the estimates of our analysts for the full balance sheet and P&L. The corresponding ratio and valuation estimates are also included. With the aid of a comfortable user interface, the MESCOR® data can also be graphically analyzed. In addition to further company specific data MESCOR® includes stock prices and performance data as well as current recommendations.
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MERIT: Current analyses, comments and studies provided by Metzler analysts
MERIT contains all analyses and relevant information provided by Metzler Equity Research. Our analysts' results are incorporated into the database and updated daily. Various filter and search options facilitate a fast and targeted retrieval of analyses and comments, e.g. on a specific company, branch or strategy. MERIT is thus a comprehensive and constantly updated source of information.

Metzler Sector Insight
We separate current events and our analysis thereof into four categories: "Priority News" contains our analysis of the latest developments at the companies or our recommendation or estimate changes. "Pre-result News" appears shortly before financial data is published by the companies and includes our estimates on the figures to be released. In "General News" we comment on other relevant company news. Strategic analysis, recommendations or comments appear under the title "Strategy".

Metzler Strategy Insight
This product presents our view on the development of the global capital markets and in particular the German capital market. Particular attention is paid to the momentum changes in the consensus estimates for the main analytical criteria for the global markets. The analysis influences the sector weightings as well as our top-ten recommendation list.

Metzler German Mid & Small Cap Monitor
This quarterly delivers focus reports and updates on selected German mid & small caps.

Metzler Company Analysis
We regularly compile and publish detailed research reports on companies in Germany and Europe. On the basis of general and public data as well as company contact we formulate our estimates on the business and profit development of individual companies.

Equity Special
Studies concerning special thematic concerns, such as tax or accounting changes that affect our markets, are also part of our product offering.