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Metzler Asset Management GmbH signs UN Principles for Responsible Investment

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Our Services for All Aspects of your Commercial Property Business

What you can expect from us

Metzler Real Estate offers a comprehensive range of services to institutional property investors in Germany and abroad. We are a central contact partner for support in acquiring, managing and selling commercial properties in Germany. We work hand in hand with numerous specialists like lawyers, tax advisors, property managers, accounting firms, real estate agents, research companies and external auditors, etc.

  • General services
    • Representation of owners’ interests
    • Selection and coordination of service providers
    • Management of cost, risk and liquidity
    • Legal and tax support
  • Investment advice
    • Development of investment plan and strategy
    • Building investment and financing structure
    • Support during the conception of a legal and tax framework including the tender and bidding processes
    • Identification of suitable objects; review of tender offers
    • Property acquisition (asset deal or share deal including guidance throughout the due diligence process)
    • Property sale (including guidance throughout the due diligence process)
  • Portfolio management
    • Management of the investment structure (affiliated companies, investment firms and special purpose vehicles)
    • Strategic portfolio development
    • Updating of the investment plan and strategy
    • Financial management
    • Sales strategy under consideration of portfolio effects
    • Research assessment; macro and micro market analyses incl. site location
  • Investment management
    • Management of the shareholding structure; support for advisory boards
    • Perusal, assessment and summary of reports from  affiliated companies
    • Sale or liquidation of shareholdings

  • Asset Management
    • Identification and realization of appreciation potential
    • Coordination of property  managers
    • Leasing strategy and leasing activities
    • Budgeting, cost control, liquidity management
    • Support for accounting and financial audits
    • Resolutions and advisory boards
  • Project management
    • Selection of general contractors and construction companies
    • Support during the application process (i.e. application for a building permit)
    • Supervision of the project from a proprietor's perspective (but no site management)
    • Warranty tracking and management of collateral or guarantees
    • Development of financing concepts for construction activities and preparation of proposals
  • Fund structuring

    On behalf of an initiator, an asset manager or a group of investors

    • Support in developing an investment structure and strategy
    • Coordination of tax and legal advisors as well as asset managers
    • Development of marketing concepts
    • Selection of capital placement advisors
    • Preparation of subscription documents (exposés, placement memorandums, contracts)
  • Fund management

    as an outsourcing partner or advisor to a regulated German investment company (KVG)

    • Support for purchase or sale of property
    • Organization of shareholder meetings as well as investment committee and investors board meetings; organization of decision procedures for liquidity management, dividend payments and financing
    • Support for year-end financial statements and tax issues
    • Coordination of advisors, service providers and asset managers
    • Contract management


    We would be glad to discuss our services with you in a personal meeting.