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Metzler Asset Management GmbH signs UN Principles for Responsible Investment

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Metzler Real Estate Germany – What We Stand For

We represent the interests of the owners
– and this applies to all aspects of their property investments. However, the owners still have the final say in all material respects. Our institutional and private clients have a clear understanding of the commercial property markets and are fully aware of the long-term nature of this business. They expect their agents and service providers to inform them well and fully involve them in all essential steps of the decision-making process.

Our way of thinking and acting is characterized by independence and a long-term perspective
– since we are part of the Metzler Bank and not listed on the stock exchange. This allows us to focus on the relationships with our clients and on achieving their goals – including their goals for the far future. Thus we are able to guide our clients for generations to come. Our independence enables us to think beyond quarterly results and to remain concentrated solely on the interests of our clients.

We attach particular importance to close and exclusive client relationships
– as we work for the needs of each individual client and offer close and conflict-free support. Based on this fundamental understanding, it would be wrong to implement the same investment concepts for multiple clients at the same time. For this reason, the number of our mandates will always remain modest – and we will remain accessible for our clients and focused on their needs.

Our market expertise opens doors and builds bridges
– specifically designed for foreign investorsseeking a reliable and experienced partner. We pave the way into the German commercial property market using our market expertise, networking skills and extensive know-how. We also support domestic institutional and private investors in their property investments in Germany and the USA.

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