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Metzler Asset Management GmbH signs UN Principles for Responsible Investment

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Principles of our complaints and grievances management

Metzler Investment GmbH is licensed by the Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (Federal Financial Supervisory Office) and is obliged as such to comply with the regulations governing the management of complaints and grievances as stipulated in Section 5 of the Directive on the Code of Behavior for Investments and Organization.

At Metzler Investment GmbH we have set up a central office which is responsible for processing your complaints and grievances as quickly as possible. Your complaints are recorded in this office where they undergo a thorough investigation which considers all the available information and aspects pertaining to each complaint.

We shall inform you promptly of the results of our investigation; within five working days of receiving your complaint you will receive an initial response from us. Should our investigation reveal an error on our part, we shall naturally rectify this.

Our objective is to process all complaints and grievances within six weeks and during this period send you a final written statement. Should we be unable to draw up a conclusive statement within this deadline we shall notify you in writing of the reasons for this delay and inform of when we expect to clarify and solve the matter finally.

For private investors/clients

Metzler Investment GmbH is a member of the Arbitration Office for Investment Funds of the German investment and asset management federation Bundesverband Investment und Asset Management (BVI). As private investor/client you are entitled to appeal to this arbitration office to act as a mediator between yourself and Metzler Investment GmbH. The dispute is then settled by an independent and neutral ombudsman in accordance with the Investment Law. Details of this arbitration procedure can be found in the "Regulation Governing the Arbitration Office for Investment Funds of the BVI". Please note that your arbitration appeals must be made in writing to the BVI's arbitration office. The address is: Unter den Linden 42, 10117 Berlin. You can find more information on the Arbitration Office for Investment Funds and on the arbitration procedure by going to www.ombudsstelle-investmentfonds.de.

Important note: If you have a problem, please approach us first before turning to the Arbitration Office for Investment Funds. In most cases the problems can be solved without arbitration. We take your complaints and grievances seriously and are happy to assist where we can.