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Metzler Asset Management GmbH signs UN Principles for Responsible Investment

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Master Fund strategy:

Efficient management of complex portfolios

Master fund management solutions facilitate the management of aggregate investments and the controlling of investments. Several special funds are grouped together to form a single fund, the Master Fund Management Company, with the segment funds managed independently of one another.

A highly automated "straight-through" process ensures the efficient coordination of activities between the areas involved (fund management company, advisor/manager, broker, custodian bank).

Advantages of the Master Fund Management Company

  • Uniform reporting
  • Uniform performance measurements
  • The fund management company is the central contact partner for matters such as
  • distribution and coordination of timing
  • deposit and withdrawal of capital
  • controlling
  • Greater flexibility in changing managers/advisors
  • Reduction of depreciation risk
  • Lower costs for auditing and publishing annual accounts

As part of our Master Fund Management Company service, we also offer a central risk overlay management. For all investments held in a master fund, an investor may stipulate a valuation floor which shall not be breached on a given date. In a central overlay segment, the risks of changes in interest rates, credit ratings, share prices and currency rates over all segments are constantly monitored in terms of a value-at-risk assessment.