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Recent Press Releases


Presidential elections in France – positive impulses for the European markets are likely if moderate forces win

According to the analysts at Metzler Capital Markets, no matter what the results of the French elections are, the German economy will certainly be affected. The elections raise the question of whether the euro zone is embroiled in an escalation of the debt crisis dating back to 2007 which will culminate in a completely different Europe – or will things calm down again?


Pascal Spano to become Head of Research at Metzler Capital Markets on July 1, 2017 - Jürgen Pieper to assume responsibility as Senior Advisor

On July 1, 2017, Pascal Spano (47) will assume responsibility for the Research division in the Capital Markets department. Mr. Spano has more than 20 years of experience in the securities business and has held executive positions in several large European banks. Jürgen Pieper (62), the current Head of Research at Metzler Capital Markets, will assume a role as Senior Advisor on July 1, 2017 in addition to his function as the leading analyst for the car industry.


Persistently low Bund yields make equity securities attractive

The analysts at Metzler Capital Markets believe that shares in companies that offer attractive dividends remain a compelling alternative in the hunt for yield. Of the German listed companies that offer high dividends to their shareholders and also have good business prospects, Metzler analysts highlight the companies Allianz, Deutsche Euroshop, Evonik, Innogy and Uniper.


E-mobility likely to boost Rheinmetall’s sales and earnings significantly

The analysts at Metzler Capital Markets see a good chance for Rheinmetall to benefit from the trend towards e-mobility in the Auto segment and to grow more strongly than the sector average. According to sector specialist Alexander Neuberger, recent orders received indicate this.


Metzler successfully places new shares for Pantaleon Entertainment AG

Within the framework of a capital increase at Pantaleon Entertainment AG ("Pantaleon"), the capital market experts of Metzler Bank have successfully placed new shares for the company with institutional investors in Germany and in other European countries.


Metzler sees Mercedes-Benz in the fast lane

The analysts at Metzler Capital Markets have upgraded their recommendation for Daimler shares from HOLD to BUY. The new share price target is EUR 78 per share. According to Jürgen Pieper, Head of Research, sales and earnings are likely to grow faster in 2017 than the industry average.


Metzler expects VW to achieve growth above the industry average*

The analysts at Metzler Capital Markets have revised their share price target upward for VW shares from EUR 145 to EUR 185. According to Jürgen Pieper, Head of Research, VW thus has the greatest upside potential of the three listed German OEMs. Its low valuation multiples and solid earnings momentum are an attractive combination that make the share a good buy. The financial risks from Dieselgate are significantly smaller than one year ago.


Metzler expects wholesale electricity prices to rise moderately in the medium term*

The analysts at Metzler Capital Markets expect wholesale electricity prices to recover moderately in the next few years. For example, in 2020 they expect electricity prices to be about 10% higher than the current forward price.


Changing direction on capital markets

According to Metzler Capital Markets, the following ten companies show the greatest price potential for the first quarter 2017: Allianz, Brenntag, Commerzbank, Deutsche Euroshop, Deutsche Telekom, Hella, Henkel, Jungheinrich, Norma Group and Siemens. However, Metzler analyst Hendrik König recommends investors to show restraint towards shares in Aareal Bank, Comdirect Bank, Covestro, Elring Klinger and Vonovia.


DAX to remain volatile in 2017

The analysts at Metzler Capital Markets expect the DAX to remain volatile in the coming year. Overall, there are likely to be two dynamic components that will set the pace for developments on the German equities market: EPS development and the appropriate valuation multiples. Monetary policy will probably remain extremely expansionary on a relative historical basis which will continue to foster a climate generally favorable to equities.


Electro-mobility: The dawn of a revolutionary boom

As the drive technology of the future, e-mobility had long been considered a "theoretical theme" – debated by specialists, on environmental forums or at universities. The sector generally agreed that it would take many years for this technology to achieve mass mobility status. "But this has rapidly changed", says Jürgen Pieper, sector analyst at Metzler Capital Markets.


Metzler sees Henkel well positioned to gain further market share

The analysts at Metzler Capital Markets recommend buying shares in Henkel. Sector specialist David Varga sees a fair price target of EUR 126 per share.


Metzler: SAP’s transformation is increasingly paying off

The analysts at Metzler Capital Markets recommend buying shares in SAP. Sector specialist Holger Schmidt sees a fair price target of EUR 96 per share.


Metzler expects Merck to achieve profitable growth with surprise potential

The analysts at Metzler Capital Markets initiate coverage of the German chemicals and pharmaceutical company Merck with a BUY recommendation.


Metzler expects Jungheinrich to achieve above-average sales growth

The analysts at Metzler Capital Markets initiate coverage of Jungheinrich with a BUY recommendation. Sector specialist Jasko Terzic sees a fair price target of EUR 32 per share.


Metzler expects Continental to return to robust growth in the fourth quarter

The analysts at Metzler Capital Markets have revised their recommendation upwards for shares in Continental from HOLD to BUY with a price target of EUR 205 per share. Following a weak third quarter, sector specialist Jürgen Pieper expects a return to much stronger growth in the final quarter.


Brexit will have negative consequences, also for the DAX

The majority of the citizens of the United Kingdom (UK) have voted in favor of Brexit. Initially, this will be a source of major uncertainty for the German and European economy, claim the analysts of Metzler Capital Markets.


Gerhard Wiesheu from Metzler Bank presents the NIPPON CINEMA AWARD

On May 29, 2016 at the Mousonturm cultural center in Frankfurt/Main, the winners of the16th Nippon Connection, the world’s largest festival for Japanese films, were announced for the various categories. The most prestigious award, the NIPPON CINEMA AWARD, presented for the twelfth time, worth EUR 2,000 and donated by Metzler Bank in Frankfurt/Main, went to the comedic gangster film RYUZO AND THE SEVEN HENCHMEN by Takeshi Kitano.


Good start to the present financial year

"We got off to a good start to the new year and are optimistic about the development of our core busi­ness areas in 2016", reported Emmerich Müller, partner in Metzler Bank, at this year’s annual press conference in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Metzler focuses on reliability, sustainability and continuity. Independence remains the key success factor in all areas. This means that Metzler is able to act entirely in the interests of its clients stressed Müller, who was able to report on a successful financial year.


Anniversary: Metzler has been committed to Nippon Connection for ten years now

When Metzler Bank first started supporting the Nippon Connection film festival in 2006, it was impossible to foresee how dynamically this commitment would develop. In the meantime, Nippon Connection has advanced to become the world’s largest festival for Japanese films, thus representing an unprecedented success story. From the outset, Metzler representatives have been impressed by the Nippon team’s tireless efforts since the year 2000 – on a voluntary basis mind you! – to familiarize visitors from far and near with all aspects of Japanese culture. “It has been a matter of personal importance for us to assist the Nippon Connection team in providing a program that is clearly on par with the international competition,” says Gerhard Wiesheu, Member of the Partners’ Committee at Metzler Bank.


M&A activity likely to intensify in the supplier industry

"Comparable automobile scandals in the past do not suggest that there will be a plunge in sales of diesel vehicles as a consequence of the VW scandal" – this is the conclusion drawn by M&A expert Hans Günter Wolf, Managing Director of B. Metzler GmbH.


Gerhard Wiesheu appointed as personally liable partner of Metzler Bank

At its meeting today, the Shareholders‘ Committee of the Frankfurt-based private bank B. Metzler seel. Sohn & Co. KGaA appointed Gerhard Wiesheu as personally liable partner. As Managing Director, he will be responsible for the field of “foreign relationships”, and in this function he will coordinate the bank’s foreign client relationships with the activities of the other group companies.


Gerhard Wiesheu from Metzler Bank receives the “Special Award of Japan’s Foreign Minister”

On August 19, 2015, the Japanese government announced that the “Special Award of Japan’s Foreign Minister” would be awarded to Gerhard Wiesheu, Member of the Partners’ Committee B. Metzler seel. Sohn & Co. Holding AG. This award is intended to honor Mr. Wiesheu’s many years of intensive dedication to promoting German-Japanese understanding.


Gerhard Wiesheu from Metzler Bank receives the “Special Award of Japan’s Foreign Minister” - Japanese Version